We have an extensive machine park ready to carry out the most demanding orders

SMT assembly

4 surface mounting lines:

  • Automatic Laser Stampers WL 2010 LC CO2 – Laser
  • Screen printers MPM MOMENTUM HiE and DEC
  • Installation machines FUJI NXT II, Assembleon AX501 and AX201
  • Integrated Optic Control IH1 (FUJI In-Line AOI)
  • Reflow Ovens Electrovert OmniMax 7, Electrovert OmniMax 10
  • Automatic plate conveyors and feeders Rommel, Promass
  • Climate boxes Dr. Storage

Lead-free installation on Alpha Metals paste; Laser plate stamping; 2D inspection of a soldering paste; One-sided and two-sided surface installation; Installation of components from 01005, uBGA, QFN, QFP; Reflow soldering in nitrogen atmosphere; Storage and heating of components

Supporting and control equipment:

  • AOI OptiCon TurboLine automated device
  • AXI OptiCon X-Line 3D X10 automated device
  • SPI PARMI SIGMA X Blue automated device
  • BPM Microsystems 3000FS automated programming device
  • AOI PARMI Xceed automated device
  • SPI PARMI SigmaX Blue automated device
  • IPTE Flex Marker II laser
  • Forced ventilation oven SAHARA-400L
  • ICT testers

AOI inspection of installed circuits; X-ray inspection of installed circuits; 3D inspection of soldering paste application; Flash memory programming; in-circuit tests

THT assembly

4 through-hole installation lines:

  • Automated Wave Soldering Machines Electrovert Vectra Elite, Vitronics Soltec Delta
  • Manual and automatic Flexlink, Promass conveyors
  • Manual installation sockets
  • Depaneling automated device SCHUNK SAR-D1000-CL
  • Depaneling automated device SCHUNK SAR-B1000-CL with integrated table type Magnoplate
  • Manual separator CAB Maestro 3
  • FCT testers

Installation on lead-free alloys; One- and double-sided installation, mixed installation; Automatic wave soldering within nitrogen; Manual soldering; Manual and automatic depaneling with mill or disc; Operating tests

Final assembly

8 final installation lines:

  • Two-component resin disperser Giebler 2-K-DOS
  • Thermal Transfer Label Printers ZEBRA
  • Electric Screwers, Screw Feeders Kilews
  • Final installation sockets
  • EOL Testers

Filling devices with two-component resin; Mechanical installation; EOL tests; Customizing and packaging products

Test services


  • Testing devices R/F (HSPA+ I LTE) on a specially adapted Anritsu testing line at the telecommunications laboratory
  • Operating and final tests
  • International tests In-Circuit (ICT)
  • Selected tests in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety of use (LVD)

Engineering support

Until the last moment of production

  • Optimization to reduce product manufacturing costs
  • Development of technology and production documentation on the basis of technical product documentation provided to us
  • Design and manufacture of process supporting instrumentation
  • Support in the selection of electronic and mechanical components
  • Implementation of a product in series production
  • Surveillance of mass production
  • Repairing the entrusted testers
  • Carrying out RoHS tests using SEA 1000AII Spectrometer

Supply chain

Comprehensive service

  • A full range of electronic and mechanical components
  • Purchase of materials required for the conducted manufacturing processes
  • Advanced cooperation with the largest component suppliers
  • Packaging in accordance with the customer’s requirements
  • Shipping to the customer

Logistics centre

  • 8000 square metres of surface area
  • 8000 pallet spaces with a modern machine park for forklift trucks.
  • eWM SAP warehouse management system

Design and construction of testers

Our engineering team has designed and developed a new line of ICT equipment
In-circuit testing provides electronic manufacturers a reliable, high fault coverage verification method for the assembly process.  Our ICT fixtures are robust, reliable and designed for easy customization and are manufactured with top quality materials.

Box Build services

Comprehensive service

  • Basic and advanced final assembly
  • Build-to-Order (BTO)
  • Testing the assembled modules
  • Complete material management

Maintenance services

Possible spectrum of after-sales services

  • Product repair
  • Product upgrade
  • Supply and management of spare parts
  • Warehousing
  • Recycling